Food making you pass out? It Might be Spoiled… Learn from Adam Dachis’ mistake.

I was listening to the Ask Lifehacker podcast last week, and after I stopped laughing, I said… Hmmm, that’s pretty cool.  Now let me preface that by saying that I do that a lot during that podcast.  These guys are fun, and interesting, and frequently dig up things that I really can use.    The lifehacker site is also awesome… But this article is less about the Ask Lifehacker podcast, and more about the solution for Adam Dachis and his predicament…


To paraphrase, Dachis was passing out frequently, often incoherent, and probably damaged his permanent memory during the past week.  Sounds serious, doesn’t it?  And yes, in fact it is serious, however, my dark sense of humor erupted when he said why he was not feeling well.

Dachis had been eating expired vegetables because he was too lazy to go to the grocery store, or order a grocery delivery.  The problem was… It was NOT good food.  They had passed from being nutritious into the wonderful world of poisonous…  Hmmm, when I write this it doesn’t sound funny.  I think hearing him talk about it, and Whitson Gordon reminding him several times of his poor choices are what fired my humor.  It was funny… Really!

On a serious note, I tend to be very paranoid about certain foods, and more lax on others.  But as pointed out by Dachis, there is a solution to guessing which foods are ok and which ones aren’t. is a site which has a huge database of food safety rules for shelf life of food.  There is also an iPhone app as well, so you can access the data from almost anywhere (Android users, you’ll have to use the web).

StillTasty Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide

From opened anchovies to  vodka, you can tell when to pitch it, how to store it safely, and other extremely helpful tidbits.  There are also articles which discuss things like expiration dates and best by dates, unexpected things you can freeze, and foods that can be stored and kept viable forever (well, almost).

In Closing, Dachis, if you read this… I hope that you take up composting in the future instead of eating dicey vegetables!



Scout is talking again! And possibly going to visit Titanic!

Scout — Transatlantic Autonomous Robot - Google Chrome_2013-10-02_19-46-26
Her backup satellite communications have kicked in (the pink dots) and while she is farther South than expected, she is on track again to her destination it seems. The Scout team will know more as the days pass as far as whether she is traveling under her own steam or if she is simple drifting and the wind and current are pushing her.

I will be hosting another Google+ Hangout On Air with the Scout team Tuesday night around 8:30pm. Hopefully, we’ll have more information then. If you have questions, we will be taking live questions from the audience.  If you can’t make the Hangout, you can post your questions here, or on the facebook page


Scout – Silence is not Golden


No word from Scout since Saturday… Here’s the last update:

42.623199, -51.55072
Date/Time: 9/28/2013 1:17:30 PM
Speed: 2.5
Compass: 100
Waypoint Bearing: 100
Course Over Water: 143
Battery Box Temp: 0
Water Temp: 0
Internal Temp: 27
Voltage: 65279
Distance Since Last Packet: 1115.91 Meters
20 Minute Speed(based on distance traveled): 2.08 mph

According to Dylan Rodriguez, the team is concerned, but attempting to reestablish contact with Scout by activating the backup Iridium system.  If that is successful, then Scout should be back online Tuesday (10/1/2013).   If it does not, then….

Communications is a separate system from the navigation and motor systems, so Scout could still be moving on target for Spain.  Or she could have gone dark and be non-functional, floating aimlessly near the grave of the Titanic.

If this is the end of this iteration of Scout (Scout 5), here’s Dylan’s take.  “I’m sure that I speak for all of the Scout guys, when I say that we’re all proud of the project, even if it ends here… Although there might need to be a Scout 6 or 7 or 8…”

He says further “In any case, 1000 miles has been a great achievement…”

Stay tuned for further updates on Tuesday! presents Frank Page creator of Bob the Squirrel!

I recently spoke with Bob The Squirrel creator Frank Page about art, bullying, and sewer replacement at the worst times.  To catch up with Frank, check out and

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Scout Team Interview – Audio Only Podcast

I’ve just released the audio only version of the Hangout so that folks can listed to the podcast in the car, while at work, or whenever!

You can check out scout at

Thanks again to the everyone who attended, and for listening to

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