Bret on the Pride of the Susquehanna Riverboat
Bret on the Pride of the Susquehanna Riverboat

This blog is about things that I either said “Interesting” or “Cool” and decided it was worthwhile to share with the world at large!

The blog will grow organically, as it continues.  Right now, I plan to have audio updates (podcasts, Google Live Hangouts, and other bits and pieces from time to time), links to other interesting information around the web, and some self indulgent posts (sorry!).  If you’re already here in the first couple of days, thanks for stopping in!  Please leave comments, and feel free to contact me via comments, feedback, or (once they’re up) my Google+ and Facebook Pages.

Who am I?  Besides being a husband and father, I have been a great many different things in my life.  I’ve worked at a golf course, been a soldier, worked retail, thrown freight, managed freight, sold transportation services, sold radio advertising, was a freelance writer, and now… now I am an application developer for a rapidly growing third party warehousing company.   I’ve got a wife, Mary Jane, and two great boys, Riley and Declan.



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Things that make you say "Interesting" or "Cool!"