The watch that Bret built…. With the help of Adafruit!

I built a watch yesterday from a kit I ordered from Adafruit.  It is called the TimesSquare watch, and it is really cool the way time crawls across your wrist.  It also shows date, phase of the moon, battery levels, and is a binary watch as well.

Here’s the overview video from the gang at Adafruit.

Another cool thing, is this Arduino compatible, which means that you can modify the code, so that you can change the way the watch works, so that it can either reflect your personality better, or perhaps be easier to read based on how old your eyes are or aren’t.

The instructions on the Adafruit site are perfect for a beginner, and hold your hand through the entire process. Since I am a relatively new solderer, it was helpful to get the very basic steps, as well as photos of each step as well.

I will be showing this bad boy off to the other folks at work tomorrow, and I think there will be a few more built in the next few months for birthday presents for friends and family…. Perhaps another one with different color leds (I got red this time).

Thanks Adafruit for a fun and attractive project! Perhaps someday, I’ll be able to convince one of their engineers to allow me to interview them. We’ll see what I can do.