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Poetry — or rather a close facsimile thereof

Just wrote a poem in 15 minutes with an awesome seminar sponsored by the Modernists exhibition at the Susquehanna Art Museum…/the-modernists/Albert Bloch’s Duell was my inspiration… Needs polish, but here it is:

Thank you Maria James-Thiaw for leading this amazing workshop! Also thanks to Dauphin County Library system for letting me know about it!

In Reaction To Duell

The men stood facing their ends
Anger and arrogance lends
The woman whom both desire
The source of their fire
the source of the rage.
Three, two, one! Called at last
The roar sounded, then the echoes of the blast.
The men remained standing, in the dust.
Their love, the trophy of their lust
Lay dead, with one shouting agony.
And the other feeling “I won.”
The watchers loiter and depart
and sadness grips their heart.

Duell by Albert Bloch 1912